The auditions at the town museum in Cremona have become a pleasant and eagerly awaited event. It is really interesting to listen to talented young musicians while they are playing wonderful pieces of music with the best violins in the world. George Bogdan Butusina's concert has been the first one I heard ; I was really pleased to talk to him because I felt unique sensations.
GENZINI: George, how is your activity as a musician getting along?
BUTUSINA: First of all, I'd like to thank you for mentioning me. I started studying how to play the violin when I was 6 years old in Bucharest. My father is a professional violinist and for me it was natural playing this instrument first. Maestro Stefan Gheroghiu played a fundamental role in my professional growth. I have improved ever since I was a child and thanks to him I came to Italy, where I accomplished my studies with maestro Daniele Gay at Giuseppe Verdi Conservatoire in Milan in 2012. In 2011 I had the chance of meeting maestro Salvatore Accardo who accepted me as his student at Walter Stauffer Music Foundation in Cremona. Finally, I have just started a 2-year- master degree in Munich under the guidance of Maestro Jakob Gilman.
GENZINI: Some months ago, I had the pleasure of hearing you play the Stradivarius violin called ex-Bavarian in Cremona for the event “ Auditions at the Museum”. What were your emotions?
BUTUSINA: Playing a Stradivarius has always been my dream ; when they told me I would play one during a concert, I was thrilled with delight. The most exciting moment, however, was the beginning of the first piece by Brahms ; then I relaxed and played freely. I was 100% concentrated, I felt really well and I do hope I will have once again the opportunity of playing such an instrument. I would like to add that this violin has got a “divine voice”and could make anyone cry, especially the musician.... playing the 1720 Stradivarius ex- Bavarian made me feel among the angels.
GENZINI: What are, in your opinion, the characteristics of the ideal violin?

BUTUSINA: My ideal violin must have a tone very similar to human voice; the sound quality is essential for me; it must also be powerful and open, attractive from an aesthetic point of view, the fitting must exalt its features.
GENZINI: What will your future engagements be?
BUTUSINA: During the next few months I will be recording a CD. Starting from February I will held a concert every month for the Philarmonic Society in Munich. I am glad I have the possibility of continuing my studies with maestro Salvatore Accardo. To end the interview, I would like to thank especially my parents who have supported me in any possible way since my childhood.