Luca Bastiani is a very skilled craftsman. He was born in Rome in 1977 and had the opportunity of attending different schools. He started in Gubbio, where he got a violin making and bowmaking certificate. Then, he worked in Naples for 3 years where he specialized in making models after Alessandro, Nicola and Ferdinando Gagliano. In Florence he also attended a qualifying course on fitting and setting up of stringed instruments. He is currently living and working in Cremona. He mainly makes cellos and violins drawing inspiration from Cremona classical school; he is also a researcher, which enabled him to acquire a wide violinmaking knowledge. Our acoustic test Number 11 is the second one we carried out on one of his cellos. Thanks to our preciuos cooperation with maestro Fausto Solci, we effected our acoustic test on the instrument made by Bastiani which took part in the last edition of Triennale Violinmaking Competition in Cremona. The tested cello is a wonderful model after Stradivarius 1718 Gore Booth and was made in 2012. Luca is particularly attached to this instrument, highly praised and appreciated at the above mentioned international competition. We met at maestro Wim Janssen's music room on a beautiful October night. On this occasion, Fausto Solci played Bach's “La sarabande” from the Third Suite in C major. The instrument was considered as dynamic, easy to use, with a good balance between the strings and a relatively clear timbre. The musician from Cremona, after warming the instrument up for about 40 minutes, in order to convey the right feeling, played with delight and expressed very positive opinions about the instrument. The recording highlights the instrument's acoustic qualities and can be heard in the specially provided virtual showcase on the website. Anyway, I advise you to test the cello personally at Luca's workshop in Cremona- via S. Giuseppe.