Thrilling day at Pieve San Giacomo: on a breezy April morning we carried out the recording of two pieces of music (Mozart's Sonata in B Flat and Debussy's sonata for piano and violin in G Minor L 140 played by the duo composed by Japanese violinist Lena Yokoyama and Cremona pianist Diego Maccagnola. This duo formed in 2007 and reached an excellent artistic maturity, as well as a high-level music versatility, after years of practice and experience. Lena Yokoyama was born in Osaka (Japan) in 1987 and started her violin studies in her hometown under the guidance of her father Kango Yokoyama. She continued with her mother Reiko Shimzu, then with Nandor Szederkeny, former stooge for Osaka Century Orchestra. She moved to Italy in 2006; in February 2004 she got a school-leaving certificate in violin with honours at Cremona “Claudio Monteverdi” state-recognized Music School , under the guidance of Laura Gorna. She then specialized at “ Accademia Chigiana” in Siena with Salvatore Accardo and in Chamber Music with Alexander Lonquich. She was awarded several prizes, both in national and international competitions. Since 2012 she has been playing an amazing violin made by J. C. Gigli, born in Rome in 1752. He was a relative of the famous violinmaker Michele Platner and Gigli became his apprentice in 1738, when he still was very young. When Platner died in 1753, he took over his activity. His violins are a bit bigger than standard size: in fact the front is 36 cm long and its curvings and mould are similar to Stainer's instruments, with a not very coloured, rather yellowish varnish. Diego Maccagnola started studying the piano at “Monteverdi” Music School in Cremona. He also attended “Gaetano Donizetti” Music Institute in Bergamo and his teacher was Maria Grazia Bellocchio. He got a diploma with full marks and a second level academic diploma in Music Subjects with honours. He was awaded the prestigious prize “G. Simone Mayr” twice for being the best student at the Conservatoire; the ceremony was followed by a recital in Sala Piatti. He is particularly fond of the XX century music and he took part in performance of the whole piano music by Gyorgy Ligeti in 2006 and 2007. He also cooperated with violinist Christophe Desjardins (first viola for Intercontemporary Ensemble) in a project for “” Music Festival at Portici (Naples) with pieces by Turina, Villa, Royo and Morton Feldman. Last April, at the “Museo del Novecento” in Milan, he played Luciano Berio's Piano Sonata, on the 10th anniversary of his death. The sonata was written in 2001 and is one of the Genoese composer's last works. He is an accompanist pianist for the instrumental classes at “Giuseppe Verdi” Conservatoire in Como and he is also a piano teacher at “Gaetano Donizetti” state-recognized Music Institute in Bergamo. The recording of Mozart's and Debussy's pieces was carried out by technician and professional musician Simone Bellucci, thanks to the kind hospitality of TAMAGNI piano-tuning company, on the market since 1950. In particular, Massimo Tamagni set up the Yamaha C5 piano the day before. During the performance, the two talented musicians' excellent reciprocal feeling and skills stood out. Diego Maccagnola and Lena Yokoyama, after their recent success at Ischia with the two concerts within the Music Festival of “Giardini La Mortella”, will cooperate with cellist Alessandro Copia from Turin. They will be playing a romantic repertoire including the famous Schubert's trio opus 100 and Brahms's trio opus 8, in the wonderful scenery of Rovigno, in Croatia, on 12th July.