We are particularly pleased to evidence the sound features of the cello made in Cremona after Stradivari model ex Piatti by the young and talented violinmaker Luca Tenore. For our eighteenth acoustic test we met at arts centre “Il Torchio”, run by our friend Dante Fazzi, a publisher from Pieve S. Giacomo. It was a late summer afternoon and the recording was carried out thanks to maestro Fausto Solci's usual ability. The instrument was made in 2013 and shows remarkable stylistic coherence, together with a pleasant softness of lines. The cellist from Cremona had already played the instrument in the violinmaker's workshop some days earlier and was favourably impressed. The cello was made using an inner mould slightly modified in width, with personally carved “F” holes and scroll ; the varnish was alcohol-based. Maestro Solci had played the instrument vigorously, for about one hour and had asked for a couple of interventions on the soundpost and on the thread holding the tailpiece, which had improved the sound features of readiness, balance and timbre. This preliminary test of the instrument, which allowed to check its acoustic qualities, had a really positive effect on the recording day, when Fausto amused himself while passionatley playing three versions of the first Suite of J.S. Bach's Saraband; like this, the extraordinary sound qualities of the instrument stood out. Excellent dynamics and power, easy to use thanks to Tenore's meticolous fitting, “clean and rich timber”: this is the musician's opinion ; he also stated that the cello can be fully ranked among the best modern instruments made in Cremona.