Our nineteenth acoustic test concerns a recording with a violin model after A. Stradivari 1710, made by the renowned violinmaker Roberto Collini. Throughout the years, Collini has developed a remarkable violinmaking sensitivity. He attended the International Violinmaking school since 1979 and got a diploma with full marks in 1982 under the guidance of violinmaking maestro Giorgio Scolari; he then became an apprentice at Scolari's workshop and finally opened his own workshop in Crema (Cremona) in 1983. His instruments show extremely accurate finishings and are appreciated and played by a lot of Italian and foreign concert performers. The instrument we had the opportunity of evaluating was played by the excellent Japanese violinist Lena Yokoyama. She has been experiencing a very important moment in her career; besides playing in a duo with pianist Diego Maccagnola and in a trio with the same Maccagnola and cellist Alessandro Copia (Trio Kanon), she successfully performeded with Ukrainian violinist Anastasyia Petryshak at Arvedi Auditorium in Cremona. The violin tested was made only a few months ago. Collini used maple and spruce wood aged about 60 years old coming from violinmaker Morano's laboratory in Rosignano, where Roberto worked for years. It is an instrument with a unique fascination, very easy to use thanks to its harmonious shape and endowed with powerful acoustics, rich in harmonics. During the acoustic test, Lena Yokoyama played directly and interpreted J.S.Bach's Adagio, the same piece of music she had played at the concert in Cremona. The performance highlighted the sound features of the instrument. Clear timbre, easy to use thanks to its comfortable neck, power and high level dynamics, quickness of emission. And there goes the sound: