The main features describing master Primo Pistoni’s craftsmanship are technical skill, music and violinmaking culture and research. Thanks to these gifts and abilities, he has managed to obtain a lot of appraisals and awards throughout his long-lasting career. Recently, we have been pleased to test two of his instruments: a cello made in 1992 and a viola made in 2006. These two events have been particularly interesting as in both circumstances the feeling between the violinmaker and the musicians Fausto Solci (cello) and Wim Janssen (viola) was excellent. In this recording we are going to describe the acoustic features of a violin made by Primo Pistoni in 2006. This great violinmaker from Cremona drew his inspiration from 1716 Medici model by Stradivari. As usual, the choice of wood was accurate: the spruce from the Dolomites used for the front has a regular, medium-width veining; the one-piece back is from maple wood from the Balkans and so are the ribs and the head, with descending veining from right to left. The plugs re in willow tree wood, while the thread is in spruce (both the white and the black one). The varnish is alcohol and essential oil- based.We carried out our recording in an acoustically-balanced environment. The piece of music played by the talented musician Lena Yokohama was Sonata No. 1 in SOL BW 1001 by Johann Sebastian Bach. Lena Yokohama is a serious and meticulous professional: her gifts, together with her technical and interpretative ability, enable her to live her professional life at full. As a matter of fact, the young Japanese musician has been playing as a duo with pianist Diego Maccagnola and as a trio (trio Kanon) with Maccagnola again and cellist Alessandro Copia. The trio will be playing the final at the competition “The Chesaplake Chamber Music Competition” in the U.S.A and Lena Yokoyama will also be playing as a soloist. Pistoni’s violin has shown its character ever since the first notes, highlighting top level acoustic qualities . The instrumentis rich in harmonics and is already” open” , that is to say it is very responsive to the musician’s intentions, it has a great variety of tones, it is powerful and easy to play soloist repertoire.This is what the musician remarked after playing the violin with extreme pleasure.