After concentrating most of our energies on releasing our first CD “Contemporary Violinmaking, volume 1”, devoted to 15 contemporary Cremona violins, we had the opportunity of “testing” a cello made by Edo Sartori. Thanks to the experienced and talented musician Fausto Solci, the three of us met on a fresh late June morning, to give “voice” to the instrument made in 2013 by the violinmaker from Santorso , Vicenza. Sartori is a self-taught violinmaker and he practiced the “classical cremonese” method with some violinmakers in their workshops in Cremona. He makes violins, violas, cellos and also baroque instruments; in 2008 and 2010 he was placed second at Pisogne Violinmaking Competition with two cellos. He is very sensitive to the acoustic feature and is also a careful researcher in the field of oil varnish, which he usually uses for his instruments. Our 24th acoustic test has been really interesting, since the recording studio we found ourselves in gave us two different hearing opportunities. Maestro Fausto Solci started by warming the cello up inside the room and performed scales and arpeggios; he tried the J.S. Bach’s chosen piece of music several times to check its sound qualities. After about 20 intense minutes, in order to make us better understand the full potential of the cello, Solci decided to change his position and, as a consequence, sound perspective. The recording studio, situated on the ground floor, is actually in front of a wide courtyard; in the second part of his performance the musician went on playing outside the room, towards the courtyard. Thanks to this fortunate circumstance, Sartori' s cello showed its qualities at length. The cellist from Cremona evaluated the instrument in a really positive way: according to him, it is very balanced, easy to use thanks to its perfect fitting, rich of harmonics with wonderful timbre, just like a cello which has been played for a long time. The most striking feature was its ability of “sound projection“, neatly perceived when Solci played outside the room, thus enabling to consider the cello, made by Sartori in 2013 after a Stradivarius model, as a high-level instrument, suitable for professional musicians. The audio-video contribution shows our meeting: as usual, the sound will depend on the equipment you use; obviously, the loudspeakers of a PC will not make the most of the instrument. Therefore, we invite you to try the cello at Sartori's workshop, so as to fully discover its remarkable qualities.