Viola made by Master violinmaker Riccardo Bergonzi in 2014 - cm 40,7. Personal model inspired by Antonio Stradivari's violinmaking technique.

Riccardo Bergonzi lives and woks in Cremona. In 1979 he graduated from the Cremona School of Violin-making and was awarded The Gold Medal "G. Gerola " as "best pupil of his promotion". For ten years he was a teacher at the Cremona International School of Violin- making. Over the years Riccardo Bergonzi has patecipated and been recognized in major national and international competitions: 1976 Gold medal at the Bagnacavallo exhibitions as "youngest violin-maker"; 1988 Gold medal at the Bagnacavallo exhibitions " as best violin" with special mention for the varnish; 1990 Gold Medal at Bagnacavallo exhibitions for his cello: 1991 Cremona International Triennale: his instrument is second in the viola category.Along with his activity as a violin-maker, Riccardo Bergonzi is olso a painter and a sculptor, working with several kind of materials. This interest for art is undoubtley an important complement to the activity of Violin-mking, contributing to the study of forms by a richer and more personal touch.