Michielon Dario attained a diploma in violin making in the year 2005 at Civica Scuola di Liuteria in Milan. Before this, he had studied DoubleBass at The Venice Conservatoire. From the year 2003 to 2008, he worked with his Maestro, Luca Primon, in Milan, Italy. Dario also studied several technical courses on: Varnishing, Set-Up, Violin Building Techniques, and on Acoustics. Inspired by the Great Cremonese Makers of the 17th Century, he set up his own violin making business in Cremona in the heart of the city in the year 2008. Dario’s philosophy is to achieve a good sound based on a good project that is in turn influenced by many things: choice of materials, correct thickness of instrument, a good varnish, and the right set up. Dario’s aspiration is to give musicians the best instruments which enables them to express themselves and their art. Dario Michielon has overseas experience and has recently returned to Italy. His current base is Treviso, Italy. The violin tested herein is a personal model after a Stradivari 1723. The back, head, and ribs are made of maple wood extracted from the Balkans and seasoned for more than 20 years. The top is made from Italian red spruce and the Varnish is an orange-brown coloured oil varnish. Lino Megni, who plays violin in the Bazzini Quartet tested this new instrument and recommends it for: The ease in playing it; The equilibrium maintained by the strings while playing; The clear sound and tone; The dynamism in pitch; and, It’s ability to produce a very loud sound. The video of the acoustic test is herein availed for your listening pleasure.