Lucio Fabbri, also called Violin, as this instrument never leaves his side, was born in Crema in 1955.
In his career as a musician he has cooperated with lots of composers and internationally renowned singer-song-writers, like Eugenio Finardi, Giorgio Conte, Enzo Iannacci, Giorgio Gaber and Paul Young.
However, he reached his greatest musical expression when he joined thePFM band (1979), notably at the famous concert with Fabrizio de André.
It is there that Lucio Fabbri's violin expresses its potentialities, mixed with a progressive type of music, where the scene is won by the artist's virtuosity and bravura and with original accompaniments.
Though the violin is considered as a merely classical instrument, in Lucio Fabbri's hands it certainly transforms itself , as if by a kind of magic, in an inseparable support from the other instruments, thus communicating a new sound which well mixes with Fabrizio de Andre's musical sonorities.
We can undoubtedly claim that Lucio Fabbri, thanks to the violin, turns P.F.M. into a “new” band, concerning music genre, with the best exploitation of the evolutionary capabilities caracterising the originality of their songs.
If we want to talk about the songs of de Andre's concert, I think the magical execution of “Il Pescatore” (“The Fisherman”) reaches the peak of professionalism and skill, with special effects where Fabbri's violin seems to enchant the listener while ravishing imagination through a sonority endowed with a really charming and innovative sound, if only we consider when the concert took place.
Therefore, the violin enters the musical scene forcefully as if it were a prima donna and becomes an integral part of the whole mechanism, thus conveying a decisive turning point to the music genre interpreted by P.F.M.
One thing is certain: Fabrizio de André's concert would not have been the same without Lucio Fabbri and his inseparable violin!
To sum up, can we claim that Lucio Fabbri has been one of the greatest Italian violin players and best representatives of pop-rock progressive music of the last thirty years?

That's what I think .....what about you?