Francesco Bissolotti, his violas and Wim Janssen We are proud to supply with documentary evidence what happened on Monday , July 18th in Cremona. In the workshop of San Paolo Square, in the presence of the renowned violinmaker's sons Marco Vinicio and Vincenzo Bissolotti, Wim Janssen played - for the first time and for - two extraordinary violas made by the great master Francesco Bissolotti. Wim and Francesco have been friends for a long time, but they had not met for 2 years. This circumstance has made the event particularly interesting and thrilling. An atmosphere of mutual esteem was established and everyone was able to watch the set up of the two wonderful violas both with pleasure and curiosity. The stringed instruments fully mirror Francesco Bissolotti's strong personality. The descritpions of the violas can be seen int the relative website section.