It is not easy at all to describe the sound of instruments; as a matter of fact the parameters defining judgement are very often subjective and we are fully aware of that. For this reason, our main objective is just to arouse interest, so we do not intend to express any final judgement. Everyone of us perceives music in a unique way ; we simply would like to be helpful and give a contribution to this aspect. We have organised a new meeting at Wim Janssen's house; it took place on a lovely March evening. Janssen is not only an experienced and skilled musician, but he is also very fond of contemporary violinmaking. The evening was interesting since the very beginning; in fact we had the opportunity of hearing the sound of a viola made in 2011 by the talented Cremonese violinmaker Elisabetta Giordano. She was born in Cremona in 1974. Her interest in artistic activities, in particular drawing, painting and sculpture, together with her passion and love of wood, have led her to attend the International Violinmaking School “Antonio Stradivari” in Cremona, where she got a school leaving certificate in 1991, under master Giorgio Scolari's direction. She is extremely sensitive and thanks to her musical and musicologic education, combined with her knowledge related to the study of musical instruments, she managed to make friends with several concert performers and collaborate with a lot of European orchestras. The model played by Janssen was inspired by one of Marino Capicchioni Tertis's violas made in 1957. The instrument, with an alcohol varnish, is 41 cm. long; its sounding board is made of 2-piece spruce wood with thick and regular veining, while the back is made of well seasoned 2-piece maple wood. Before recording, the Dutch musician warmed the viola up (using different bows) through scales and arpeggios and soon had a positive impression, owing to the strong “character” of the instrument. Maestro Janssen also remarked the very good balance between the strings, which he considers as fundamental for a correct acoustic performance. Dynamics and power are of high level; the instrument is easy to use despite the considerable size of the curve, the timbre is dark and evokes strength, even reactivity is at very good levels. I recorded maestro Janssen during his performance of the first Bach's suite, while he was playing very naturally and at different distances. The piece of music you can hear from your PC has just a symbolic value. If you connect your computer to a hi-fi equipment, the parameters change completely and confirm what I have just written. It is possible to play the instrument in Elisabetta's workshop, at 29 corso Pietro Vacchelli- Cremona. You should agree on a date and time emailing to The evening ended with friendly and pleasant talks and Wim Janssen's final opinion concerning the viola is really positive.